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Western Permanent Property
Due to Covid 19 and social distancing requirements, the WPP office is now staffed with reduced numbers (although all members of staff are continuing to work remotely).
Until further notice the telephone lines will be operational 10am – 12pm and 2pm – 4pm Monday to Friday.
Should you wish to visit the office please arrange for this by way of an appointment only.
The Property Managers will return to the office yet be working on a rota basis; accordingly,their details are as follows:

If you wish to speak to Kathy Rossi call 07549 439565 or email kathy@wppmc.com

If you wish to speak to Daniel Britton call 07568 797989 or email daniel@wppmc.com

If you wish to speak to Sarah Cox call 07742 919620 or email sarahcox@wppmc.com

If you wish to speak Peter Beddard call 07999 062792 or email peter@wppmc.com


If you are unsure of who your Property Manager is please contact info@wppmc.com and it will be forwarded to the relevant Property Manager to respond.


If you are telephoning Out of Hours with an Emergency please call 07973 405104 / 07776 377127


If you want to make a payment over the phone please send an email toSandra@wppmc.com with your details and she will contact you.


We apologise for any inconvenience but ask for your patience in these uncertain times.


Very best wishes through this challenging time.






Dear Property Owner,
Coronavirus / Covid-19
The deepening health crisis is already having an effect on us all and regrettably appears likely to only worsen in coming weeks / months.
Western Permanent Property and the contractors engaged to undertake a wide scope of work will continue to deliver service as best possible through the crisis factoring in governmental advice although circumstances beyond our control may, at times, make this impossible.
Please consider the following points;
As governmental guidance is that meetings best not occur please contact the office by emailinfo@wppmc.com or by telephone 029 2023 5151 (emergency contact out of hours 07776 377127 and 07973 405104 although further numbers may be added at which time they will be advised both on the office voice mail and this website).
Given how alarmingly contagious the virus is, we would ask that you carefully use door handles, lift buttons and the like, ideally using suitable wipes or disposal gloves. Everyone has a responsibility to themselves and others to mitigate the dangers as best possible.
Please follow the guidance within this link should anyone within the property consider they have the virus. Should you let your property please make this information available to your tenant(s).

We shall continue to review advice from the World Health Organisation and the Government. Our priority remains to continue to provide service as best we can whilst minimising risk to you, our clients and our colleagues / their families.
We wish you well during this difficult time.
Kind regards
Western Permanent Property
17th March 2020